Hair Serum

by Sharon Hopkins

Modern day life is characterized by escalating pollution, exposure to extreme climatic conditions, and hectic lifestyles. All of this takes its toll on our health and especially our hair, as it most often exposed to these elements. Hair serum treatment helps in softening the hair and makes it healthier.

The term hair serum can refer to a variety of hair products such as hair serum for black hair, hair serum for curly hair, hair serum for frizzy hair, hair serum for dry hair, and hair serum for straight hair. Thus, there are different varieties of hair serum available in the market to suit different types of hair regain its sheen and shine.

Some of the major causes for hair to lose its luster are fast paced lifestyles, overuse of hairstyling products, and exposing hair to sunlight for long periods of time. Regaining the natural shine of hair takes time and does not happen in day. It involves regular effort, eating a proper diet with fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, and meat, and the appropriate hair serum treatment.


Hair serum is beneficial to detangle the hair and make it supple and soft. It also helps in protecting the hair when it is exposed to too much sunlight, pollution, and other hair products. Hair serum treatment essentially smoothens dry hair follicles, makes hair easier to style, and protects your hair on a day to day basis until the next wash. The main reason for using hair serum treatment is to maintain the shape of the hair.

Hair serum could be used for curly and frizzy hair to make it gentle. Hair serum could be used before a hair straightening procedure as it protects hair from the heat and chemicals that are used. Some types of hair serum have to be used when the hair is soaking wet and others can be applied after the hair is dried with a towel after a wash. Hair serum treatment also helps in making hair straighter and makes it easier for styling the hair. Only small amounts need to be used even for long hair. The serum is usually sold as a gel or a liquid.

How to Apply Hair Serum

Before applying hair serum, wash hair with a good shampoo and wash with cold water. Then take four to five drops of hair serum and rub it between the palm of your hands and apply well in such a manner that it spreads well through all the hair. Allow it to dry normally and do not wash after applying. As it is non-sticky, hair serum protects the hair from dust and pollution.

Hair serum treatment helps to strengthen every hair strand. It also enhances extra shine and locks in hair moisture which is good for dry hair. Hair serum with natural extracts of coconut, almonds, or olives is beneficial as a hair serum recipe.

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