Natural treatment for smelly hair

There is no known link between any salon treatment and hair smell. Straightening your hair should not cause any odor. The known problems because of hair straightening are hair breakage and weakening. Hair odor, on the other hand, is caused by fungus. This condition can be potentially very embarrassing because the odor can be quite offensive to other people. Hair fungus seems to be prevalent amongst women past their 40s but it can affect any gender or age group of people. The fungus attacks the oil secreted by the sebaceous glands in your hair follicles.

To treat this condition, you should clean your scalp regularly with a shampoo or bar soap, that contains and a large amount of sulphur. If you suffer from hair odor, you must ensure that you do not share combs and brushes with other people. This is because the fungus is most likely that these tools are the primary means by which the fungus is transmitted. Ensure that you visit a salon that practice hair hygiene carefully and take preventative measures. If you have an aggravated hair odor conditon, consult with your doctor for a sulphur shampoo regimen.

In addition, your hair can smell if it is wet too often and you don't wash your hair. Sweat also gets trapped into the hair and if you don't wash it with shampoo, your hair will begin to emit a musty odor.

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