Does constipation cause backache?

Backache is a general condition arrived due to excessive stress. Constipation doesn't always but at times induces backache. Constipation is caused when the bowel movement is not proper. The waste of the body keeps getting accumulated in the intestines and the bowel keeps getting harder. Later it becomes painful to pass the stool which causes strain to the muscles and the associated nerves. If the nerves and the muscles of the back body gets involved then it may cause back ache.

The back pain may be chronic and can be avoided with proper rest and general physical exercise. If the back pain is due to constipation, then getting rid of constipation in the first place would be better, rather than taking medications for back pain. Any pain killers taken for curing back pain would further cause constipation as tablets aid in causing constipation. In such cases natural remedies for constipation cure should be sought for.

Constipation may develop slowly and keep getting acute with time. Physical activity, a change in the dietary pattern and fiber intake may help in curing constipation to great extent.

Little exercises of spine and muscles near the spinal cord should be massages in order to obtain natural relief from the muscular back pain. The back pain may be due to the excessive strain and posture at the time of bowel movement. This causes additional strain any on the nerves and muscles inappropriately.

A few home remedies for curing the constipation like cabbage juice, mango, grapes and milk may be helpful. Consuming bananas with custard also helps in curbing constipation to some extent. Including food which is rich in fibers also serves as a natural cure for constipation. When one feels constipated which is the cause of the back pain, simple natural measures for constipation can be undertaken along with little muscle relieving exercises can help in recovering from the trauma.

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