August 16, 2010

Health Benefits of Running And Pilates

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Because of the hurried lifestyles that most of us lead in today’s world, indulging in fat heavy fast foods like burgers and hot dogs is not uncommon. These foods have now become part of our daily diet. However, most of these ‘convenient foods’ distinctly lack the essential nutrients and vitamins that our bodies require for optimum performance. Unfortunately, another very grim aspect of most of our lifestyles is the fact that we do not give as much attention to proper exercise. Proper exercising is essential for the body and lack of it could lead to the development of a number of health conditions. A person could be affected by conditions such as respiratory illnesses and heart problems. While running is a great way to lose weight and burn the excess fat, following the right techniques are often overlooked and most individuals do not give it the attention it deserves. Moreover, one must also keep in mind the fact that if not performed properly, it could lead to imbalances in the body. While some people may distinguish between runners as being long distance runners and runners from the short sprint section; one needs to remember that it very much the same set of muscles that are used for both. Ignoring the primary rules of proper running can cause a number of complications including injuries as well as wearing out the ligaments and muscle structure.

Pilates is a rather old practice that has only recently begun coming to prominence in the western world. The practice helps significantly improve an individual’s posture by aligning the neutral pelvis. Consequentially, this helps the runner to run taller without hunching and thereby also avoiding unnecessary stress and tightness in the lower regions of the body. The runner’s flexibility is also enhanced – thereby also reducing the likelihood of injury. The primary health benefits of running and pilates that most runners will experience include an increase in their core strength and a correction of their postural imbalance. Another very significant advantage provided by pilates is the fact that it assists substantially in breath control – thereby also improving the runners endurance levels. Running and Pilates are very closely related and complement each other. It is highly advised that you seek counsel from a trainer or individual that has some significant experience in the combination of running and Pilates. Remember that, if running to lose weight, it is important to combine the advantages of exercise with that of a healthy diet to make sure that your body receives the right kinds of nutrients and vitamins.