July 23, 2010

Best Hair Colour Options for Fair Skin

Posted in Category : Beauty

Fair Skin Hair Color – Changing hair color is a popular way of changing your look and updating your style. Having fair skin and hair color to suit it could very well uplift your aesthetic features and boost your confidence; however making the right hair color choices can be tricky. If done right, the hair color brings the right amount of pop to your look, but if not done wisely, the result could be very disappointing.

Hair color is not an easy point-and-pick though. You cannot always rely on the color displayed on the boxes. The real application effects might not always translate to the same shade.

The secret to choosing the right color is to opt for the colors that match natural skin tone. Note skin color and skin tone are two different things. No matter what your skin color, each comes in two tones – a warm tone and a cool tone. The tone of your skin determines which colors work best for you.

If you have fair skin, then this article may prove a useful guide for picking the right color for you. However it would not as simple as picking one color for one skin tone. There is a variety of permutations and combinations open to you. But how would you know that fair skin dark hair would work better than fair skin and blond hair?

As a general rule there are certain colors that straight out compliment fair skin. These include colors like strawberry blond, dirty blonde, reds, and light browns.

These colors (either applied as highlights or as a complete color job) add just the right amount of color and depth to your look; they are an effective way to brighten up a look that might otherwise translate as pale.

On the other hand if you have fair skin and dark hair and prefer the overall dark look, then the trick is to add a hint of lighter color. This effect immediately plays up on fair skin brown hair or fair skin black hair. It gives the hair a richer, healthier finish.

Similarly, there are colors that definitely fail to work with fair skin. But again here the emphasis is on skin tone. If skin tone is cooler then it is best to avoid darker shades, as you might come off looking sickly and pale – think unflattering vampire look. At the same time it is also best to avoid extra light shades (think platinum blond) as these will drain you of color and may not upgrade your look.

Of course there are no hard and fast rules. It is possible to mix and match skin tone and colors for a great look. But that is a job best left to professional colorists.