Natural Sources of Vitamins

Vitamins play a vital role in maintaining and regulating various metabolic functions of the human body. It is very essential to fill the nutritional requirement of the body for a healthy and long life.

Vitamins are available in tablets, jars and bottles but before we reach them, we should think about filling the nutritional gap with natural vitamin sources. These are the ideal sources of vitamins and minerals. If we consume an adequate amount of these sources then various diseases can be prevented.

We can source natural vitamins from various plant and animal sources such as liver, vegetables, fruits, kidney, meat and egg. These are the best foods and are believed to provide the best natural source vitamin.

Natural sources vitamins for A Vitamin are mango, broccoli, butternut, carrots, tomato juice, pumpkin, beef liver, sweet potatoes and dairy products. If these foods are not consumed in adequate amount then the person might suffer from night blindness.

Vitamin B are usually found in foods like nuts, meat, eggs, liver, brewer’s yeast, molasses, pulses, green leafy vegetables, spinach, watermelon, milk and dairy products. Vitamin B is mainly responsible for energy production and formation of hemoglobin and so insufficient amount of these natural sources will cause weakness and impaired nervous system.

Natural sources for vitamin C are spinach, red bell peppers, snow peas, tomato juice, kiwi, mango, grapefruit, strawberries, orange and cantaloupe. These food sources must be consumed in a balanced form for healthy hair, eyes and teeth. These also enhance the formation of collagen essential for firm skin tissues.

Vitamin D natural sources are sunlight, beef liver, salmon, tuna, sprouted seeds, tuna, butter, fatty fish and fortified milk. These are essential for maintaining healthy teeth, bones and nails.

Natural food sources for Vitamin E include wheat germ, vegetable oils, sunflower seeds, avocado, sweet potatoes, shrimp, milk, asparagus, leafy greens and liver. These food sources are vital for preventing wrinkles and aging of skin.

Vitamin K is naturally found in sprouts, leafy greens, spinach, broccoli, liver and cabbage.