I have recently stopped taking effexor xr. I was tapered off of it but I am still going through withdrawals. What kind of vitamins can I take to help with my symptoms?

If your withdrawal symptoms worsen you may need to increase the dose of detoxification medicine that you are taking and possibly initiate a lower rate of taper. Make sure you are in close contact with your doctor and do not discontinue your withdrawal medication without the supervision of your doctor. By reducing the dosage of the withdrawal medication you can gradually adjust to the change in the chemical balance and thus slowly learn to live without the medication. The process is long but yields effective results. Do not stop your withdrawal medication if you are going through a major change in your life or under a certain amount of stress. Exercising also plays a major role in lifting one's mood, improving immune functions, reducing anxiety and stress and elevating self esteem.

Eating a healthy balanced diet will also do wonders for your energy levels and mental state. Consider contacting a nutritionist who will be able to suggest foods that can positively impact your mood. The use of vitamin supplements is also been used by patients to come off effexor. One of the supplements that you can use is; a dosage of 25 -250 mg of vitamin B6 daily. Make sure you get a proper prescription from your doctor as to how many mg of B6 you should take, this is important because, the use of an excessive dose over a prolonged period of time has been known to have toxic side effects.

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