Foods deficient in vitamins and minerals

Do you mean foods that are deficient in nutrients? Certain foods contribute to calories, but comprise of a poor nutritional profile. These are typically from processed fats and carbohydrates. They are empty in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, but contain calories and are known as 'empty calories'. Nutrient dense foods, as in vegetables and fruits are more preferred, due to their increased content of micro nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

Alcohol, soft drinks, carbonated beverages, butter, margarine, lard and other fats. Candies contain additives and contribute to calories from sugar. No vitamins and minerals are provided. French fries contribute to lots and lots of calories, with abundant fat and Trans fats. But, very less nutrients. Refined grains, white rice and crackers provide little B complex vitamins, in addition to calories.

They are also referred to as filler foods, as they improve the satiety value, though not contributing much to the nutrient list. In fact, such foods result in weight gain, if left uncontrolled. Cheese balls, chips, cats up, sauces and cupcakes also contribute little benefits. Consumption of such foods with nil nutritional profile results in obesity and other disorders.

answered by Dr C

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