Cure for small black warts on face

Face warts are usually a type of viral infection. If the infection is not serious then the warts can disappear in a few months but can as well last for years if infection is serious and not treated. They are contagious and can occur when some one comes in contact with an infected person or shares towels with the infected person. There are greater chances of getting facial warts if the skin has open cuts or scratches. As long as the warts are not painful they are not harmful from a health perspective. But people like to remove them as it affects their facial appearance. If they are painful then a visit to the medical practitioner is advised.

Face warts can be prevented by ensuring that the face and hands are washed regularly. This is especially effective if the face is scratched or cut. Existing warts should not be scratched as this will only spread the infection to other areas of the face.

Several natural home remedies are available and can be used to treat warts if they are not painful. These remedies not only eliminate the warts but also improve the skin texture. One of the most popular remedies is using a banana peel. The wart should be gently massaged with the yellow portion of a ripe banana peel for a few minutes. The banana peel can then be stuck on the wart and left overnight. This can be repeated every night for a few weeks. Slowly the warts will dry and fall out. Another popular remedy is to use Apple Cider Vinegar. A few drops of it can be put on a cotton ball and all affected areas of the face can be gently massaged for 5-6 minutes. Aloe Vera gel can also be used to cure the warts. Fingers can be used to massage the gel on the affected areas every night before retiring to bed. Applying a crushed garlic pod on the warts and covering it with cotton and duct tape also works well to cure warts. Other popular home remedies are massaging the warts with camphor or castor oil or rubbing the warts with freshly cut pineapple 2-3 times a day. Rubbing the warts with an orange peel is also a well-known cure for warts. A combination of these home remedies can also be used, as these all are good for the skin and will cause no harm. At the end of it not only do the warts get cured, it also adds a glow to the face skin making one feel several years younger.

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