My 16 year old son complains frequently of nausea, but vomits very seldomly. Please Advice.

Nausea by itself is only a symptom. It gives evidence to the fact that there is some other illness inside the body. If your son complains of nausea on a regular basis, then you should certainly take him to a doctor since this could be a symptom of some other more serious medical condition. Sometimes nausea is accompanied by other symptoms. Your son may also complain of a pain in his stomach. He may also experience dizzy spells and complain of excessive sweating. These are all usually indicative of some problem in the stomach.

Some of the basic reasons that could be the cause for the nausea are intolerance to some kinds of food. In some cases overeating can also cause nausea. Stress is another very common cause of nausea and if your son is stressed about his school or future, then you should help him relax.

One of the easiest ways to treat nausea is by consuming capsule of ginger root. Your son can take two capsules to experience relief from the nausea. He can also drink ginger tea or any other ginger drink for relief from the nausea. Grated ginger root, when added to a cup of water and brought to boil, makes a cup of ginger tea. You can add some sweetener - either sugar or honey to this. The juice from grated ginger when mixed with the juice of half a lemon can also provide relief from nausea. Another easy way to get relief from nausea is by mixing the juice of half a lemon to a glass of ordinary water. Add half a teaspoon of salt to this and drink. You can also make a weak tea by steeping a tea bag for a few minutes. Add the juice of half a lemon to this and drink it. In the morning, if your son complains of nausea you should give him a slice of dry toast. He can also eat dry crackers during the day whenever he feels nauseous.

You should ensure that he eats smaller quantities of food for each meal. He can eat four to five small meals during the day rather than three large ones. Avoiding oily and spicy food can also help him overcome his nausea. He should eat a predominantly vegetarian diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables should form an important part of his diet. He should avoid drinking water with his food. Instead, he should wait for at least half an hour after his meal and then drink water.

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