How to make garlic juice and ginger juice for medication purpose?

Both Garlic and ginger are very useful in various medicinal recipes and it is a good idea to make your own garlic juice. This ensures that your juice is fresh and pure.

Did you know that Garlic is actually part of the lily family? It is related to other such bulbs like shallots and leeks. One complete garlic bulb actually contains a large number of little bulbs. Each of these is known as clove. Often recipes call for some number of cloves. The entire garlic is encased in a white, papery cover. The top of the garlic bulb is thicker and the bottom is like a thinner tail. You can chop off the top of the bulb of garlic that you are using with a sharp knife. When you do this the clove can be opened up with your fingers. It then becomes easy to actually pull away single cloves of the garlic. You will need to peel the cloves, which come encased in think, papery white individual covers for each of the cloves inside. After you have peeled the cloves that you require you can simply put the cloves of garlic through the garlic press. If you don't have a garlic press you can simply use pound or grind the cloves. Then you can pass this crushed garlic through a sieve and extract the juice. You can store this in a clean, dry bottle.

Ginger is very popular in both various dishes and in medicinal infusions. Ginger in used in cooking meat since it contains some enzymes that have the property of tenderizing the meat. Ginger is usually available fresh in the market. You can buy as much ginger as you want and store it in your fridge. When you wish you to use ginger you will first have to wash it well and then peel it. Ginger has a ridged brown peel. When this is peeled away it reveals the flesh of the ginger root. This can be chopped or grated according to the recipe. If you want to extract the juice you can grate the peeled ginger. You can then simply squeeze the grated ginger to extract the juice. If you can't extract the juice this way, you can tie up the grated ginger in a muslin cloth and then squeeze it hard. You will be able to extract ginger juice. This can be stored in a clean and dry bottle till it is required.

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