My breast are very loose. Please tell me how can I do tight my breast. Please tell me any home tips.

The breasts are composed mainly of fatty tissue. The breasts are prone to sagging due to various reasons. One of the most common causes of sagging is age. The skin loses its elasticity with age and due to the continuous force of gravity, the breasts may start to sag. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and obesity can also lead to sagging breasts and loose skin. Here are some simple tips which help to firm up the breasts and prevent further sagging.

  • It is highly important to wear a bra that fits properly. This provides the necessary support to the breasts. A well fitted bra moves along with your body and the straps and band do not slip.
  • Exercise helps to firm up the muscles and ligaments that surround the breasts. Pushups are extremely beneficial in tightening the breasts and should be performed on a regular basis. Lie on the ground on your stomach with your hands beneath the shoulder and toes curled beneath the feet. Then push the body upwards until your arms are fully stretched. Your body should remain in a straight line. Then lower your body to the ground until your chest is a few inches away from the ground. Repeat a few more times. You could do this on a daily basis in order to tone your breasts.
  • Excess weight gain or weight loss can cause the breasts to sag. Therefore the diet should be healthy and conducive to optimum weight. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, while grains and lean meat in the daily diet.
  • Smoking can cause you to age much faster than normal and hence should be avoided.
  • Keep the skin around the breasts healthy by exfoliating and moisturizing it regularly. Also use sunscreen as it is possible for sunlight to penetrate the clothes. The UV radiation of the skin can cause the skin to age quickly.

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