Home cure for inflammation of liver?

This is a concerning symptom and you need to seek professional face to face help. The symptoms you describe sound like Gall Bladder pain, which should be investigated as a matter of urgency. However, this type of pain could be caused by a wide range of problems and should be followed up on.

There are also many reasons why you would have liver inflammation as well. And yes, there are some very effective herbal treatments to help with your condition, but you do need to seek further diagnosis before embarking on a herbal course of treatment. Many herbal medications come in alcohol bases and you will not be able to use these given that they will exacerbate the strain your liver is under already. Herbs like Globe Artichoke and St Mary's Thistle are brilliant liver tonics and will protect the liver from further damage and are available in tablet form.

In the meantime, get advice from your health care specialist as to what is causing this pain. While investigating your treatment it is wise to avoid alcohol, excessively fatty foods, smoking or any other recreational drugs in order to give your body an opportunity to recover.

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answered by L W

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