Treatment for change in breast size and shape after lactation

Your question is extremely vague and confusing. I am not sure at all about what you are referring to. When you say that one is small and one is normal are you referring to the size of your breasts? If this is your concern, then you can quite safely put it to rest. It is perfectly normal for one breast to be larger than the other - no woman has both breasts that are exactly the same size unless they have been surgically enhanced or otherwise modified. Our bodies are not perfectly symmetrical, although most of us think they are, or at least that they should be. You have certainly noticed that your both your hands and both your feet are not exactly the same size. The same goes for your breasts.

The difference in breast size is usually more noticeable during adolescence, when the breasts are still developing. By the time you reach adulthood and they have developed fully, both breasts are almost the same size, but there is still some difference. In some women, there is barely any difference in size between the two breasts, while in others, the difference is a little more noticeable. If you still think that the difference in the size of your breasts is excessive and abnormal, you should consult your doctor. An unusually large difference in size may be an indication that there is a problem, but this is extremely unlikely, especially because you have not mentioned any other symptoms such as pain or tenderness of the breasts.

Sometimes, during the period when you are lactating, the breasts might swell if they produce more milk than the baby is consuming. However, this usually causes lumpiness, discomfort and pain. Since you have not mentioned any of these symptoms, it is most likely that the difference in size that you have noticed is normal.

answered by M W

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