March 5, 2008

Breast Reduction Surgery for Large Breasts

Posted in Category : Women's Health

The breast reduction procedure is carried out by reducing the enlarged size of the breast in the plastic surgery. It involves reshaping the breast by making it smaller. This breast reduction is also known as hypertrophy in medical terminology.

The size of breasts depends on hormonal changes, which happen at the start or soon after the puberty. Sometimes growth of breast is very quick and may enlarge to a real uncomfortable size.

Such hormonal breast changes can be treated by undergoing the breast reduction cosmetic surgery. This surgery helps to remove and repair damaged tissue which surrounds the breast.

Before undergoing a reduction surgery, the surgeon carries out all possible technical and medication arrangement of the surgery. In this plastic surgery, a mammogram is recommended to the patient to check for other medical complications.
The reduction surgery is performed under anesthesia. By making the incisions, the skin flaps are created on both sides of breast. The excessive skin, tissues and fats are eliminated by the surgeon.

Due to greater reduction in the breast size, surgeon may lessens the size of the nipples and relocates it to proper place for getting the natural look of the breast. After relocating the nipples, they still are attached by blood vessels and nerves in most cases.

After this breast surgery, a patient may suffer from side effects like breast swelling, bruising and inflammation. A patient may have to wear bandages for several days and take medications to prevent from intolerable pain or infections. Usually, doctors recommend a surgical bra or an athletic bra for some time. The stitches from the surgery may be removed after three weeks. If the nipples are completely removed or repositioned, sometimes this can cause loss in sensitivity of the nipple region.

The pros of breast reduction surgery are that women can get easy relief from back pain. This surgery involves removal of excess fats and skin from the breast region. Women can undergo breast reduction to feel free and confident by attaining normal sized breasts.