March 5, 2008

Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy)

Posted in Category : Women's Health

A breast lift surgery is also known as mastopexy. Pexy is a Latin word that means to lift. In the surgical procedure like breast lift, a patient who possesses an excess amount of skin and fats on the breast region gets a totally reshaped cleavage. The breasts can some times become saggy because of damage to its tissues.

Women can opt for mastopexy due to get rid of the saggy appearance of their breasts. The stiffness, firmness and elasticity of the breast can change due to breastfeeding pregnancy, weight fluctuations, aging, gravity or heredity.

This surgery involves removal of the excessive skin to elevate and tone up the breasts. The tissues that surround the breast are reduced to give new shape and support to the breast contour.

The role of the surgeon in the breast lift surgery is very crucial. The success of this surgery mainly relies on the skills of the surgeon. So while undergoing the surgery, firstly check out whether that physician is a recognized surgeon from a reputed medical institution. Also, he or she should have at least 2 years plastic surgery experience. The surgeon should possess a sound knowledge of plastic surgery skills of body parts such as breasts, face and skin.

Prior to going through a masteopexy, the patient has to undergo lab-testing, medications. The surgeon takes a baseline mammogram of the patient before and after the surgery, too. This assists to categorize any forthcoming changes in the breast tissues.

It is very essential for the patient to completely prohibit the smoking before the surgery and avoid intake of herbal supplement, aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs, as it may increase the bleeding levels.

Various incisions techniques is performed in the breast lift surgery. These incision techniques are entirely personalized and depend on the size, shape of the breast, areolas positions and size, breast sagging intensity, breast skin, elasticity and the skin, which can also be removed during breast life surgery. The surgeon also has to perform vital surgery steps like administering anesthesia, reshaping breasts and closing up all incisions. The outcomes of the mastopexy or breast lift surgery are instantly visible. Finally, post-surgical swelling will reduce and incision lines will also lighten.