Plastic Surgery

by M. Williams

Plastic surgery has grown so popular over the years as a result of individuals wanting and desiring to look like Hollywood celebrities. Many Hollywood celebrities flaunt the fact that they have had one or more plastic surgeries performed. One celebrity plastic surgery case is the comedian and actress Kathy Griffin. Kathy Griffin is known for having almost every part of her body redone or remade. She has said more that once that to be in the business you have to have something changed.

Many celebrities have plastic surgery in order to get bigger and better movie parts. Another celebrity plastic surgery case is Pamela Anderson who has become famous for her breast implants. As a celebrity ages in the world of Hollywood that celebrity will usually have a face lift or other body parts altered. Famous talk show host Kelly Ripa is known for having a breast lift performed.

Plastic surgery can alter any part of an individual’s body. There are literally hundreds of different plastic surgeries that can be performed. Some of the more common types of plastic surgery are a face lift, breast implants, nose jobs, liposuction, butt lift and a breast lift. A person can have virtually anything done to their body. If an individual has unsightly areas of cellulite then the individual can have the cellulite cosmetically removed. There is no end to the limits of plastic surgery.

The cost of plastic surgery can be around a couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. An individual who wished to have breast implants may pay up to three thousand dollars. Most insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures.

A plastic surgeon will evaluate a patient’s physical and emotional state before the plastic surgery is performed. Some individuals have actually become addicted to plastic surgery. An individual may have a nose job, then their eyes done, then a brow lift, then breast implants and the list goes on and on. This individual may suffer from a psychological disorder and low self esteem.

It seems that the most famous area in the United States for having plastic surgery performed is Hollywood or Beverly Hills. It is here that plastic surgeons are the most plentiful.

There are some cases in which plastic surgery gone wrong has become a huge issue. In one case of plastic surgery gone wrong a woman had a nose job and her nasal cavity actually collapsed causing her nose to look smashed in. The woman had seven other nose jobs and still the problem was not fixed. This is why an individual should very carefully weight the benefits and risks of having plastic surgery performed.

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