March 5, 2008

Breast Augmentation Surgery, Get Patient Support & Surgery Information

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Before undergoing the breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon’s accountability is to interact with patient and tell her about procedures of the surgery, discuss patient’s medical history, medications before and after the surgery, precautionary measures of the surgery, complications of the surgery, post-operative care and medical financing for the surgery. All this information regarding this surgery is vital to increase faith of the patient in surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery or mammaplasty is useful for women those have small, loose type of breast due to various physical changes that occur due to pregnancy, aging and weight loss. This surgery also assists those women who have empty upper part of the breast and having asymmetry in shape and size of the breast.

The procedures and surgery techniques varies by considering the various kind of expectations of the women about her size, firmness, volume of the breast. Mostly women want a well sculpted cleavage. However, a patient should keep in mind that this surgery only improves the size of your breast but it does not give a 100 percent ideal shape to your breast and body.

The surgeon starts the breast augmentation with the anesthesia to make the patient anesthetize. The procedures of creating the incisions are carried out by planting the implants into breast area. These implants are the pouches or shells filled with saline or it is also filled with water or silicon gel.

The surgeon situates these incisions close to the line where implants get together with body around the areola, in the armpit and close to the naval. This areola is the dark circle which surrounds the nipple. Finally, the incisions are stitched by the surgeon and the tissues simply kept in the proper place.

The patient has to face complications like allergies, swelling and pain after the breast augmentation surgery. To get rid of this discomfort, a post-operative care and medication regime is devised by the surgeon.

This information gives an idea to the patient about all possible positive and complicated outcomes of the breast augmentation surgery. Overall, the patient should give emphasis on their health and not focus on attainment of an ideal image.