Can you use mayonnaise as hair conditioner?

Our hair is subject to a lot of wear and tear on account of several factors such as pollution, chemicals, the diet that we maintain, the water that we drink as well as the water that we wash our hair with, hormonal imbalances, weather conditions and so on and so forth. These factors cause the hair to become dry or oily, brittle, frizzy, limp, gives rise to split ends and makes the hair generally unmanageable. This is when the importance of a conditioner steps in. A conditioner is simply a preparation that helps in improving the overall texture of ones hair, making it stronger and easily manageable. The type of conditioner to be used will vary depending on the nature of the problem and the hair type. There are mainly two types of conditioners, one that is to be applied after a shampoo and then rinsed out and the other that is applied after a shampoo and is left in the hair; these are referred to as leave on conditioners.

There are several home made conditioners that can help restore vitality and sheen to your hair. Mayonnaise definitely makes an effective hair conditioner. It contains oil, vinegar and egg yolk, which are all natural conditioners and cleansers that help in adding luster and shine to the hair. It is very easy to obtain and equally easy to use. This is especially recommended for dry and overly damaged hair. All you will need to do is apply a liberal coating of mayonnaise on your hair and ensure that every strand is covered from the root to the tips. Let it stay on your hair for a good half hour, after which you can rinse it off with shampoo. This will help in getting back the shine to your tresses. Try and use homemade mayonnaise as compared to the packaged option as that would contain a lot of additives and preservatives.

Besides mayonnaise you could also try applying avocado on the hair. Make a mixture from one mashed overripe avocado and a cup of fresh yogurt. Apply the thick mixture all over the hair and leave it on for 15-20 minutes, after which rinse it off with your regular shampoo. This treatment will also help in adding shine to the hair. Avocado being an oily fruit, gives the hair fatty acids that are easy to absorb, while yogurt on the other hand provides the hair with essential nutrients and vitamins, making it stronger and less susceptible to breakage.

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Healthy hair is surely an ideal situation for all. The key characteristics that indicate healthy hair range from silky smooth hair, full bodied to thick and dense hair. The pliability of hair or its ability to respond to styling and setting is also an important factor that decides whether hair is healthy or not. Shining hair or glossy hair is another such indicator of hair health. Attaining all such characteristics can be difficult but trying to get the desired look maybe well worth it. Regular hair care comprising of cleansing, toning and conditioning should ensure longevity of hair and protect it from elements that can affect hair health.

Yes, using mayonnaise on hair is a tried and tested method to lustrous and shiny hair. It is handy and simple to use and provides adequate conditioning to your tresses. To use mayonnaise on your hair, rinse your hair and apply a coat of mayonnaise all over your hair such that each strand is covered in mayonnaise. Use more mayonnaise for extra dry hair. Keep this conditioner on for an hour or so and finally rinse it with a gentle shampoo. This should help keep hair shiny and silky. Homemade mayonnaise is known to work better than other products. Mayonnaise contains egg yolk, vinegar and oil, all of which are natural cleansers and conditioners that add shine to hair.

Conditioning helps rejuvenate hair and a mayonnaise conditioner does just that. Most cosmetic conditioners only coat your hair strands to give your hair a shine. Mayonnaise on the other hand rejuvenates your hair by nourishing it and providing it with essential micronutrients. Use this conditioner regularly to give your hair a natural bounce.

Apart from mayonnaise you can also try various other home made alternatives. A mixture of mashed avocado and yoghurt works effectively to condition hair. Apply this mixture all over the hair for about twenty minutes before washing it with a gentle shampoo. Avocado is an oily fruit that provides your hair with easy-to-absorb fatty acids while yogurt provides your hair with several vitamins and nutrients.

Another instant remedy to help set your hair is the use of gelatin. Mix a teaspoon of gelatin readily available at local stores in a mug of water. Use this mixture to rinse hair and finger-dry your hair. You can now style and set your hair more effectively.

Using natural products alone cannot lead to healthy hair. It is also important to eat healthy foods to ensure hair health. Vitamins such as Vitamin B, A, E and C play an important role in promoting the growth and maintenance of healthy hair. Protein, pulses and nuts also favor health growth of hair. Sea foods containing appreciable quantities of iodine are also known to promote hair growth.

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Mayonnaise can be used effectively as hair conditioner for dry hair. Simply apply real mayonnaise in your hair and wrap a towel on your head. Keep it for 20 minutes and then rinse it off. This will help to give bounce and shine in your dry hair, however remember if your hair is already oily, mayonnaise can make your hair oilier.

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