I have moved to Canada 6 months back. During this period I am having a lot of hair fall. I am using garnier shampoo and conditioner to wash hair.

Your sudden hair fall is due to extreme climatic changes. Unfortunately the only solution to your problem is to wait it out. As your body adjusts to the change your hair fall will reduce and ultimately stop completely. In the meantime I would suggest that you make sure that you keep your hair well nourished and clean. Following a daily healthy diet that contains raw fruits and vegetables will help your body to adjust quicker to the change. I would suggest that you try to include avocados as they are high in monosaturated fats and contain vitamin A and vitamin C, which are essential for healthy hair.

Make sure that you only use shampoos and conditioners that are meant specifically for your hair type. Avoid using shampoos that contain sodium laureate sulphate (SLS). Sodium laureate sulphate is added to shampoos to increase the amount of suds and has a drying effect on hair. It is also considered to be a carcinogen. Use a nourishing natural hair masque to nourish your hair and reduce hair fall. A combination of egg yolk, milk and honey makes for an excellent hair conditioner. Use either coconut oil or coconut milk to massage your scalp at least once a week.


answered by G R

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