After oiling my hair, then after ten minutes I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner. My hair became very rough when it dried, how can I prevent this rough hair?

Hair problems in today's world are many and include conditions such as hair loss as also graying and roughness. However there are rough hair treatments, remedies, tips for rough hair that are easily available to remedy the condition. Our hair is the most important part of our personality and goes a long way in enhancing the way we look. More women than men focus and give importance to the texture of their hair. Taking care of your hair is not only for beauty purposes but also for health. There are many factors that influence your hair like weather conditions, hereditary, type of hair, pollution, exposure to the sun and so on.

While you oil your hair try to leave it for some time at least an hour for it to show some effects. This helps the oil to reach the scalp and thus provide a lot of required nourishment to the hair. Use of chemical shampoos could further damage your hair. To have rough hair improved in appearance one could also make use of an effective and well suited conditioner. For this apply the conditioner through your hair and run your fingers through it so that the conditioner reaches to the tip of your hair. Leave it for sometime maybe a minute or two. Other rough hair treatments include pour water on your hair even if you do not use a shampoo as this will keep the hair moist. In case you are in a hurry you could try using a spray bottle with water mixed with two or three drops of peppermint oil, giving you a refreshed feeling. Rather than using just oil for your rough hair treatment try using hot oil which is a mixture of equal amounts of lavender oil, peppermint oil and coconut oil. Heat this mixture and then apply to your scalp. Leave this on your hair overnight so it can soak into your scalp. In the morning wash it with a shampoo and conditioner and go ahead and style your hair.

In order to look your best people even try straightening, ironing, curling, hair colors' and so on. Remember such things would only cause more damage your hair. Another rough hair treatment is to use beer after shampooing your hair. Beer is known to be a very good conditioner for your hair. However do not over use this. You could also try a mixture of yogurt and egg whites and apply this to your hair. Leave for 20 minutes and wash. Do not leave this mixture to long or else you will catch a cold. You might also want to visit the dermatologist to check if everything will suit your hair and also you should ensure not to get any kind of allergic reactions to the rough hair home remedies provided.

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