Back Tenderness

by Sam Malone

Back tenderness is also known as back pain. This occurs today, in almost 60% of people worldwide or even more. The occurrence of back tenderness has increased because of the urban lifestyle, very less physical activity, very less or no exercise routines, weight gain, increase in stress, etc.

Other than the above reasons, there are also several medical reasons for back tenderness. This could be because of abscess. Abscess means collection of pus in a sac inside your back. This sack requires to be removed surgically. Though this is a small surgery, abscess can be quite painful for a person.

Another reason can be a cyst, a sebaceous cyst might not be painful. In fact this might be a painless discolored lump on your back. In case the cyst is discolored and painless, it might be a sebaceous cyst, this too should be removed since this cyst secrets sebum. This cyst can be a bit complicated to diagnose. Therefore, it can be removed after proper diagnosis is made. Sebaceous cyst is another type of abscess.

Back tenderness is often accompanied by chest tenderness, this can happen if complete bone structure of the body has been affected due to some illness. Back tenderness also occurs due to muscle strain. It is normal now to put out backs to solid unhealthy usage, back has to go through constant wear and tear which can cause muscles in back to strain

Back tenderness can happen especially after spending long hours in front of a computer or slouching on a sofa in front of a television set. People who exercise regularly are less likely to feel back tenderness because of their healthy lifestyle, exercises often heal, and remove strain off muscles. Exercises also give vitality to complete body and muscles, therefore, it is beneficial to workout each day at least for 20 minutes.

Back tenderness also can occur due to factors like tuberculosis, bone cancer, cancer and due to bad body posture. It would be very harmful to the body to slump and walk or sit, this would lead muscles in back to strain and give back tenderness.

Many a times back tenderness occurs in one side of the body other than complete body, that would mean you will have to search for any undue strain you might be putting on that part of your back. Back tenderness often occurs in pregnant women due to the weight of the baby that they have to carry during pregnancy. As baby grows strain on spinal column and back muscles increases giving back tenderness to women.

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