May 7, 2010

Remedies for Kidney Infection and Back Pain

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Are you suffering from constant back pain? Do not neglect it as it can be a symptom of a possible kidney infection. If you experience pain in your back along the sides of your spine then it is an indication of a kidney infection or some problem with your kidneys. This is exactly where your kidneys are located. Any pain or trauma to this part of your body can directly affect your kidneys.

Kidney infection pain usually stems from the kidney itself and can lead to a back pain. The back pain will go away if the kidney infection is treated and cured. Besides back pain, you may also experience fever, chills, vomiting, pain while urinating, or pass blood in your urine.

There is a huge difference between normal lower back pain and a back pain caused by kidney infection. If the back pain is due to a twist or tearing of a muscle, the pain will go away the moment you give some hot or cold compression. You may also have a constant stiffness or a pain around your spine, neck, or hips to accompany the lower back pain. However, if the back pain is because of a kidney infection, there will be a feeling of tenderness in the area above your kidneys and near your spine.

The best way to get rid of this back pain that results from a kidney infection is by seeking the advice of a doctor. The doctor will be able to address the root cause of the problem, which is could be an infection of the kidney.  Your doctor may put you on a course of antibiotics to cure the infection. It is important that you finish the course of antibiotics to avoid a relapse of the infection.

Kidney Infection Diagnosis

The most primary way of detecting a kidney infection is by conducting routine blood and urine tests. In these tests, the doctors monitor the level of BUN (or blood urea nitrogen) and creatinine. Both of these are the excretions of the blood that are thrown out by way of urine, stool, and perspiration.  If you are suffering from a kidney infection, these substances are not expelled out of your body properly and as a result, they accumulate in the body. Hence, in the test results, the concentration of these substances may be high.

Once this is certain through the test, the doctor may prescribe medication accordingly to solve the infection which will automatically cure the back pain as well.