Are there any natural remedies for breast tenderness during pregnancy?

A woman's body undergoes several changes once she is pregnant. While some of these changes may not be noticeable, others can cause the woman some amount of discomfort. Most women notice a change in the size of their breasts. Often the breasts of a pregnant woman become extremely sensitive and the woman may complain of tenderness.

Although tenderness of the breasts is related to pregnancy, it will not hurt mentioning it to your doctor and seeking her professional opinion. You can try standing under a hot shower so that the water soothes your breast. Another option is using a heating pad. Or else you can use the old fashioned hot water bottle. Still another option is dipping a soft towel in a bowl of really warm water and using this on your breasts.

Try cutting down on your regular salt intake. Some people have noticed a relation between certain soy products and tenderness of the breasts. You can try avoiding soy in your diet to see it if helps you. You must already have cut down on your caffeine intake since you are pregnant but if you haven't do so now. You can also sip warm water to which honey and lemon have been added. Sometimes ill fitting bras can cause a feeling of tenderness. Check to see if you have a bra that fits you well. Some women notice that when they go without a bra their breasts feel tender.

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