Home remedies for intestinal cystitis pain and tenderness

Cystitis is a condition that occurs as a result of other reactions that you may suffer. These could be reaction to the vagina the bladder or even the prostrate gland. Constipation or an undue pressure on your bladder are other reasons for this infection. The other possible reasons for cystitis could be an infection in your kidneys, or stones in the bladder. It is therefore advisable to seek the opinion of your doctor regarding your infection.

You should try not to put pressure on your bladder by holding your urine for too long. Since several people suffering from cystitis complain of a burning sensation while passing urine, you can avoid this by drinking plenty of water. Adding a tablespoon of lemon to some boiling water and drinking this water after it has cooled down will help you. Eating a high fiber diet can help you avoid constipation, which in turn can provide relief in the condition.

You can substitute all the food items that are included in your usual meal with fresh vegetables and fruit juices. If the pain is very bad, fill your bath water with warm water and immerse yourself in this. If this is not possible, dip a towel in a bowl of cold water and use this as a compress on your lower abdomen.

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