March 9, 2010

Prevent Leg Cramps in Bed with Home Remedies

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

Almost everyone suffers from muscle cramps one time or another. One might bend down to lift a heavy object or else stretch to reach for something on the upper shelves and have a sudden cramp. Usually people experience muscle cramps in legs, back or arms. Cramps are nothing but involuntary contraction of a group of muscle or a single muscle. Muscle cramps are usually discomforting and painful. Most people suffer from the leg cramps in the hamstring, the quadriceps or in the calf muscle. The duration of the pain of the cramp can be just for a minute or may go on for several minutes at times. One might feel extreme pain in the leg, muscle tenderness or might find it difficult to move the leg till the cramp passes.


One cannot really know the exact cause behind leg or foot cramps. This is because there are several reasons why one might suffer from leg and foot cramps. Some of the causes of leg and foot cramps are overexertion causing muscle fatigue, dehydration, diminished blood supply, rigorous exercise, nerve and muscle diseases or nerve abnormalities or excess weight. Side effects of certain medications such as diuretics or even hormonal, fluid or electrolyte balance can cause such cramps. There are many home remedies for leg or foot cramps. Whenever one experiences a leg or foot cramp, stretch the sore muscle and then massage the foot or leg in the direction of the muscle. This will help the muscles relax and ease the pain. Have a hot water bath or apply cold packs on the leg to relax the muscles. To decrease the pain or tenderness of the muscle wrap the leg or foot with a warm towel or use a heating pad.

Home Remedies

Have chamomile tea. It contains glycerin which is nothing but amino acids which help the muscles relax and reduce the pain. Drink a few cups of the tea daily to prevent recurring night leg cramps. Honey can also help in preventing cramps. Take two teaspoons of honey with every meal to avoid cramps. Since dehydration can also be one of the reasons behind muscle cramps, keep your body hydrated especially when working. Before working out, drink enough fluids. Always stretch before exercising and do not skip and jump to the rigorous routines. Ride a stationary bicycle before going to bed; this will prevent cramps in the night. Maintain a diet rich in calcium and potassium. Optimum levels of calcium and potassium will prevent cramps.