Cause of upper and lower back pain

Any kind of backache is always a major cause for concern and you must not ignore it at all. The first thing you should do is get your back medically checked out for any serious problem. This is particularly important, especially if you have had backaches for more than a week. Please do remember that any backache that is ignored or allowed to let slide can result in a permanent problem that will eventually become irreversible. It is best not to take any chances with your back. There are several possible reasons for backaches. One of the commonest ones is bad posture. If you slouch or sit with a stoop, then backaches will be a common side effect of this problem. You must consciously try to sit upright at all times, not allowing your spine to bend while sitting. You must also make it a point to walk straight, without slouching. This is a natural tendency, especially for tall people, but you must try to avoid succumbing to it.

If your pain is particularly severe, wear a neck brace or a back belt, depending on which part is giving you more pain. These restraints are important because they will minimize movement and will ensure you keep your spine straight at the same time. They will also help because if there is any swelling, it will come down automatically due to lack of movement, which essentially results in proper rest for your back. Another common reason for backache is an injury. Sometimes, we injure ourselves unknowingly. These are the kind of injuries that tend to cause the most damage, simply because we do not know that we are injured and continue to use the body the way we used to before the injury, instead of allowing it some rest and relaxation. However, a doctor will be able to inform you better.

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