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Do breast pain could be a sign of cancer

If your breasts feel tender or sore but there is no itching or no sign of lumps, you may be suffering from Mastodynia. Most women who have breast pains suffer from this condition and not breast cancer. However, there is hardly ever any pain in breast cancer. Breast cancer is characterized by the formation of lumps in the breasts. Your pain seems to be caused by something else and fortunately, this discomfort is generally something that can be resolved quite easily, by simply changing your bra. One of the many types of pains in the breasts, mastodynia is characterized by sharp pains that seem to come and go.

Sometimes this pain can be dull too. This pain is caused by an arthritic condition or by inflamed or sore joints surrounding the breasts.Mastodynia is a pain in the breast which could or could not be cyclical. These are often associated with the woman's menstrual cycle. The pain, since emerging from a nearby joint could sometimes be experienced severely. Perhaps this is the reason why many women worry about having breast cancer when all they really need is a massage or a pain killer. Since the menstrual cycle is associated with hormones, usually mastodynia is also caused by hormones. Often, women start having a dull pain in their breast around the time they begin to ovulate. The ovulation usually continues till the menstrual cycle actually begins. This causes the tenderness in the breasts that many women cannot tolerate. Depending on the constitution of the woman, this pain can be barely noticeable or severely painful. If the pain is severe, wearing tight fitting clothes can aggravate it.

Women often even dislike close contact during this time. Usually this pain is felt as a radiation of sensations in the under arm region. However, sometimes it can be actually felt in the breast. Though the relationship of the pain with the menstrual cycle may not be clear instantly, in time, if you observe each passing cycle, this relationship will become clearer to you. To reduce this pain, the most affective remedy is to improve your diet. Cut down on your caffeine intake and increase the helpings of vegetables and fruits in your diet. You may try changing your bra. This simple remedy has worked for many women. This pain could have been caused because of wearing a wrong size bra too. Incorrect bra can cause pains in your shoulders, neck and back, along with your breast.

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