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Cysts are those permanent little lumps, which usually are harmless and nearly always are painless. They can appear anywhere on one’s body but especially appear around the head or neck or back. The surface of the cyst appears smooth, but beneath the surface there is usually some problem that causes the bump or swelling. It is a buildup or an accumulation of the natural oil or sebum of the body, which leads to layers of impacted hair follicles. This can also because of the formation of layers of accumulated scales on the skin.

Normally it is thought to be no big deal. Some might be able to spot an enlarged or dark pore near the surface, and other times there might be a little bit of oozing. Doctors and prescribed medications and a few surgical procedures can treat a cyst or remove it. But if the cyst is not infected and if it does not burst, then you can normally live with it quite easily. Actually, the leading advice from most doctors and dermatologists is just let the cyst be, especially if the cyst is small and quite unobtrusive and it does not hurt or trouble in any way. If it does not become red or angry looking then the advice is to just leave it. Never pinch, touch, pick or squeeze the cyst. If it is an area where it can get scratched or hurt then wrap a piece of gauze or some other protective covering around it.

A good home remedy involves applying a warm compress over the irritated sore several times a day. This helps to increase the blood circulation to that particular area and might help to quite down the angry cyst. If the cyst has ruptured then it is important to keep it clean at all times. While the ruptured cysts can start draining one should watch out for an infection setting in. Some doctors recommend washing the area with soap and water, some even suggest dabbing on some hydrogen peroxide on to the afflicted area with a cotton swab or cotton piece. Cover the area with a clean gauze or bandage to keep dirt out of it. Another remedy involves applying tea tree oil to base oil like olive oil and applying on the affected area. You can also try applying a slice of potato on to the cyst. Then cover the slice with a band aid and leave it. This can be left overnight.

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