Natural Vitamins

Good and natural vitamins are essential for a healthier and longer life. The benefits of these vitamins greatly differ based upon the composition and vitality. Vitamins can be synthetic, natural and organic. Even though all these vitamins have a common chemical structure, they differ in their biological functions.

Ideally, natural made vitamins are composed of natural sources and retain their natural structure. That is, they don't have any kind of artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. Natural vitamins are often associated with co-factors that are not present in synthetic vitamins.

It is believed that a synthetic vitamin is about 70% less biologically active than natural made vitamin. Natural health vitamin is more effective in terms of performance, absorption and other utility. Presence of Vitamin E in synthetic vitamins reduces biological activity to almost 50% and presence of Vitamin C reduces to almost 30%. Both of these vitamins are more effective in their natural form.

An individual can judge easily whether a vitamin is natural or synthetic. Read the labels for identifying vitamin sources. Natural Vitamin A will have fish oil whereas synthetic will have acetate or palmitate. Presence of yeast also indicates that the vitamin is purel and natural.

The best natural vitamins are natural wealth vitamins. These are available in a blend of natural vitamins combined with other essential supplements like iron, magnesium, cellulose, vegetable oils and calcium. High availability of these vitamins has enhanced their use in promoting energy metabolism, antioxidant and immune system. These are available in sift gels, tablets, drops and liquid form. These vitamins desire to fill the nutritional gap and have titles of well known economic plants, animals and their products.

There are many other vitamins that are widely used to promote healthy living. Some of the multivitamins contain 100 natural vitamins. These vitamins are the best natural multi vitamins that can combat all health conditions and provide healthy and long life.

So, it is proved that natural vitamins are biologically more active than synthetic vitamins.