What can I take, so that I can have a bigger ass? Do you have vitamins or something that I can take or inject that does not affect my health?

I would definitely not recommend any injection method as most of these can have extremely severe medical side effects ranging from infection to cancer. If you are still keen on any of these methods discus your options with a good plastic surgeon who will be able to guide you. Of all injections, autologous fat injections would probably be the best as it does not require the injection of any foreign substance. In addition to talking to a plastic surgeon, talk to your doctor as well. Your surgeon may not warn you of all the possible complications but your doctor definitely will. I must, however, stress once more that these are extreme measures that have serious implications and so it is really not advisable. In addition to this, they are also very costly.

I would suggest changing your diet and exercise schedule as this is the safest method that will guarantee results. If you have not been following an exercise programme, make sure that you start out by exercising your unused muscles. Start with a slow walk daily and keep increasing the duration and pace each day. Do not try to make any sudden or rapid change as this can severely strain your muscles or result in cramps and sprains. Start incorporating exercises like squats in your daily routine. Several cardio and strength training exercises strengthen your glutens and will make you shapely.

The best exercise for toning your butt is squats. As your exercise schedule progresses, you can add twisted squats to it. Although Lunges are taxing they are very effective in toning up your hamstrings and quads. You can also try reverse lunges, wheel lunges and walking lunges. One-legged dead lifts help to increase your posterior as well as strengthen your lower back. Include them in your routine to see drastic results.

answered by M W

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