Natural Organic Vitamins

Organic natural vitamins are vitamins obtained from natural organic products. Organic simply means something derived from living organisms. These organic vitamins are completely free from insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers.

Any natural organic vitamin is essential for healthy growth and development. This is preferred over synthetic and natural vitamins because of their organic origin. Organic origin does simply means that they are derived from natural products but they are produced using organic methods without being subjected to irradiation, sewage sludge and use of pesticide.

Most of the organic vitamin supplements are combination of organic ingredients such as chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, sea vegetables, quinoa, flax oil, soy milk and tofu, green tea, amazon herbs, extra virgin coconut oil and various whole foods. These are ideal supplements for fulfilling the nutritional base.

Many people get confuse between organic and natural vitamins. Although organic and natural vitamins consist of natural ingredients, they differ in their methods of extraction and production. Natural vitamins are made from natural products but are extracted and processed using fertilizers and pesticides. Organic vitamins are vitamins produced, extracted and processed using pure organic ingredients and organic techniques.

Natural vitality organic life vitamins are multi vitamins composed of 16 essential vitamins combined with a full range of amino acids, vital minerals and other significant trace minerals. These vitamins are used for high level of energy production, nutrient assimilation, normal functioning of hormones and protecting toxic reactions.

A simple way to test whether the supplement is organic or natural is to carefully read the label. “100% organic” is a standard of certification that indicates that the vitamins are purely organic. Labels with a note, “it’s organic”, indicates that vitamins are formulated using 95 percent organic products. Labels with ‘made with organic’ indicate that the products are manufactured with 70% organic ingredients.