Which fruits are beneficial and which to avoid in treating cough and cold?

A common cold accompanied by cough may be caused by a weakened immunity or even an allergic reaction. The body’s production of mucus may accelerate and cause a blockage in your nasal cavity and irritate the throat. The most important step in caring for a cold is therefore strengthening you immunity. An increased production of mucus in the body and cough may contribute to severe dehydration. When you are suffering from a cold and cough, it is important to regulate your diet to keep your level of nutrition high. Fresh fruits and vegetables are thus an integral part of your diet and a valuable source of nutrition. Fresh, juicy fruits provide the necessary fluids and vitamins during the duration of a cold. Moreover, in addition to increasing your intake of fruits that help to cure a cold, it is important to balance your diet with whole grains and cereals. You should also drink plenty of water and other fluids to keep your body hydrated. Eating fruits or vegetables directly in their raw form when you are suffering from a cold is greatly beneficial. Cooking or frying the vegetables strips them of their nutritive qualities. Fruits contain essential vitamins that are effective in treating a cold or cough.

Vitamin C and fruits rich in Vitamin C are greatly beneficial in treating a cold. Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C and a glass of lemon juice everyday fortifies the immune system. Oranges are another valuable source of Vitamin C. Orange juice mixed with warm water taken at regular intervals helps cure a cough. Strawberries and sweet lime are other valuable sources of Vitamin C. It is highly beneficial to include several fruits in your diet as it increase the fiber content in the body and helps strengthen immunity. Fruits like apple, pears, melons and peaches are beneficial in the treatment of a cold. A salad made of these fruits, including oranges, pineapple and grapes is an effective remedy for cold and cough. Grapes are especially beneficial for those suffering from symptoms of cough. Eating grapes or drinking grape juice eases the lungs and helps relieve a cough. A cold and cough may also be caused by seasonal allergies.

A change in the season or temperature may give rise to a cold and cough. In such a case, eating "hot" fruits or fruits which generate heat in the body are seen to be beneficial. Fruits like papayas, lichee, guava, cherries and apricot are some of the fruits that cure a cold during the summer, by generating sufficient heat in the body. Hence, while a certain fruit may not be good or bad for the cold, it may cause specific problems given the nature of the allergy and that of the cold.

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