March 2, 2010

Cabbage Health Benefits for Obesity, & Constipation Relief

Posted in Category : Foods that Heal

One of the many beauties of nature is the fact that it provides us with some of the most healthy food sources and almost any medical complication can be eased with the help of its many herbs and medicinal plants. Even though health concerns have always been prevalent, it is only in the last few decades that there is a widespread concentration on the populations overall health and making sure that most people follow the right nutrition. The junk food that most of us consume today (primarily because of the fact that it is easily available and fast to prepare) plays a significant role in the shaping the very unhealthy lives we lead. These foods are almost always heavily laden with a lot of calories as well as very little nutrition. When we consume more calories than required by the body, the excess is converted into fat cells and stored – thus leading to obesity when spread over a long period of time. Therefore, one of the best ways to avoid putting on excess weight, and thereby lead a healthier life, is to calculate the approximate number of calories your body requires and consume foods that have an equivalent calorie count. Another thing to keep in mind is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are abundant sources of the vitamins, nutrients and carbohydrates that your body will require. Cabbage is considered to be one of the best sources of a number of essential vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals. It is also a very rich source of vitamin C, E, A, K as well as sulfur, potassium, magnesium and iron. The fact that cabbage is also very low in calories as well as does not contain any harmful saturated fats and cholesterol make it a very beneficial food source in a healthy diet. Cabbage is also a very good source of amino acid glutamine which increases the human body’s ability to secrete the human growth hormone. Moreover, the substance glutamine also assists with the regulation of the intestinal and immune systems because of its anti inflammatory properties.

Cabbage is also very beneficial when it comes to dealing with common health problems such as providing relief against constipation, lowering the levels of serum cholesterol, improving vision as well as the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. The vitamin K found in cabbage plays a very important role in the ability of the body to clot blood when required.