Treat bronchial asthma, fatty liver, throat and mouth infections using Goldenseal Herb

Common name: Goldenseal is also known by other names such as yellow root, Indian turmeric, eye balm, ground raspberry poor man's ginseng, and wild curcuma.

Occurrence: The herb goldenseal is indigenous to forested regions in the eastern United States and is mainly observed growing in the areas near the Ohio River. It is also native to the Pacific Northwest and in Canada.

Parts used: The roots of the goldenseal herb also known as the rhizome are dried and ground into a fine powder and used to make various preparations also used in supplementations. For goldenseal to be used as an efficacious medical remedy, all parts of the herb can be used in herbal preparations, although the rhizome is the most potent.

Goldenseal Medicinal uses:

As a folk remedy goldenseal is used to address diverse medical disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, urarthritis, polygenic disorders, piles, internal bleeding, enlarged prostate, bronchial asthma, fatty liver, throat and mouth infections, tuberculosis, and festering wounds. Its efficiency for treating these conditions has not been proven. A particular compound in the goldenseal known as berberine, which is an alkaloid, is known to be highly effective in treating inflammations of the cornea and the iris developing as a consequence of infection from the herpes simplex virus. As a diluted infusion it is also useful as eyewash and a mouthwash. As a mouthwash it treats infected gums in patients. Certain types of psoriasis of the skin can also be controlled with the help of a goldenseal infusion. Herbal preparations containing Echinacea, goldenseal and holy basil are known to treat a number of ailing conditions. Echinacea goldenseal are especially recommended by herbalists to boost immunity and bring about general well-being.

Remedies made from the goldenseal are used to increase the digestive secretions in the stomach. It works by bringing about an astringent action on the mucous membranes lining the stomach and thus helps in checking the spread of inflammation. Goldenseal as a herbal remedy is not recommended for long or extended periods as the treatment can profusely bring down the gut capacity of absorbing nutrients - especially in the case of absorbing B vitamins in the stomach.

Administered as: Every part of the goldenseal extract is used for medicinal purposes. As a nutritional supplement, goldenseal is available in capsule forms. Usually supplementations of goldenseal and Echinacea are considered to be effective combinations in treating a variety of disorders. Goldenseal is also available as an emollient or topical application for healing skin wounds. Herbal tinctures made from goldenseal are used as mouthwashes or gargles to relieve mouth sores and sore throats. Goldenseal tea is also useful in relieving mouth and throat related sores. The herb is also available as a tincture or in powdered form too prepare herbal tea, or can be consumed orally as a goldenseal drug or used as a topical antiseptic.