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This plant has flowers which have their pedicels turned in such a way that the flowers are found on one side of the flower stem. The leaves of the sidebells wintergreen are pinnatel veined. The leaves of this plant, which is also known as Yavering bells, have lightly toothed margins. This plant usually is in leaf from July to August. Interestingly the flowers of this plant are hermaphrodites. They are pollinated by insects. The pant flourishes in sandy and loamy soils. The plant requires moist soil and is very versatile about growing in the shade. If you are looking for the plant in its natural habitat, you should look in shady spots. The seeds of this plant are edible. They are used to make an herbal tea. The root is used to make a decoction which can be used to treat eye problems.

You can look for this plant in some select green houses. However, if you have already looked in these places, then the best bet to find this plant would be to look for it in its natural environment. You should look for areas that have sandy or loamy spoil, and then look for the plant in the shaded corners of the forests in that area.

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