The nutmeg comes from the evergreen nutmeg trees that are native to the Spice Islands. The nutmeg tree yields three times a year. The nutmeg is the inside part of the fruit from the nutmeg tree. Once the fruit is ripe, it splits open and contains a black nutmeg (seed) inside. This seed is covered with thread like arils, which are known as mace. There are many uses for nutmeg and these include nutmeg health benefits as well as nutmeg medicinal uses. Both the nutmeg and the mace contain many compounds and nutrients that are good for one’s health.

Let us take a closer look at the various uses of nutmeg. Before we do that, it is important to understand the nutritional properties of nutmeg. These are given below:

100 grams of powdered nutmeg would contain:

 Energy 525 Kcal
 Total Fat
 36.31 g
 Dietary Fiber
 20.8 g
 Carbohydrates 49.29 g
 Protein 5.84 g
 Cholesterol 0 mg
 3.04 mg
 Calcium 184 mg
 Manganese  2.900 mg
 Copper 1.027 mg
 Phosphorus 213 mg
 2.15 mg
 Magnesium 183 mg
 Potassium 350 mg

The various nutmeg health benefits and nutmeg medicinal uses given below

  • Nutmeg medicinal uses include it being used to treat illnesses that are connected to either the digestive system or the nervous system.
  • Nutmeg is excellent for the cardiovascular system as it stimulates the functions of the heart and increases the circulation of blood in the body as well.
  • Nutmeg also has strong antibacterial properties. It helps to kill many of the bacteria that cause cavities in the mouth.
  • Studies have shown that nutmeg can induce sleep and can therefore be used for insomnia treatment. This is because it boosts the serotonin level.
  • Nutmeg oil is also used to treat toothaches. Nutmeg essential oil can be put on a cotton swab and applied to the affected area. This oil is also good for controlling bad breath. Nutmeg oil contains antiseptic properties which can help to cure gum problems.
  • Research has shown that the use of this oil stimulates mental activity.
  • Nutmeg oil can also be used as a stress reliever.
  • Nutmeg is also good for one’s digestion. It helps to get rid of stomach cramps or stomach aches and gas as well.
  • Nutmeg oil contains anti inflammatory properties and can treat muscle and joint pains, if rubbed over the affected areas. This pain is also recommended for the treatment of rheumatic fever.
  • Eating nutmeg can help a person who is either vomiting or suffering from diarrhea. Drinking a mixture of 1/4th teaspoon of ground nutmeg combined with ½ teaspoon of ground coffee in a cup of water can help to cure diarrhea.
  • Nutmeg is also an excellent aphrodisiac and in days gone by was used to treat male sexual problems.
  • Nutmeg can also be used to treat menstrual cramps.
  • Nutmeg can also detoxify the liver. It is regarded as a tonic for the liver.
  • Nutmeg is also recommended for treating kidney problems. It can dissolve kidney stones as well.
  • Other uses of nutmeg include it being used for aromatherapy, in cough syrups, in cosmetics and in soaps.
The effects of nutmeg can be harmful at times as large doses can lead to convulsions, body pain, vomiting and eventually, dehydration. Nutmeg can also cause an allergic skin reaction in some people. Nutmeg can be toxic and cause serious health problems.