Cure for piles and anal itch

If you are faced with the problematic aspect of an itchy anus which is a residual hangover from your piles problem, then you can take several easy measure to take care of it yourself and at home. The first thing to address is the difficulty in passing stools due to the pain. What you can do about this is to make your stools so soft that they pass easily and your pain is healed gradually over a period of time. In order to ensure soft stools, you must take milk of magnesia for some time, especially before bedtime. This will ensure that your first bowel movement is smooth and easy and leaves you with virtually no pain. You must also change your diet to include high fiber and low fat content as this will also help to make your stools softer. Once this problem is taken care of, you can move on to the next one, that is itchiness.

If you are experiencing itching in your anus, then the best thing you can do is take measures that will provide relief. Aloe vera gel, when applied to itchy areas will help tremendously in soothing as well as healing the spots. You may also apply calamine lotion to the itchy area. But you should know that this will only be a temporary measure and will not really help too much with itching per se. it will not heal you, while it may provide relief from the itching. The next step is to stop using toilet paper. Use water and your hands to wash after a bowel movement, as toilet paper will tend to aggravate your itchiness even more. You can also apply simple petroleum jelly to your anus to get relief from the itching, pain and difficulty in passing stools. It is one of the remedies which will work at everything.

answered by G R

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