What is the correct dosage of goldenseal? I want to use it for consistent stuffy nose.

Goldenseal has a long list of beneficial properties that make it very useful in treating a large number of health problems. It can be used as an antibacterial and antifungal agent, as an astringent, as a laxative, as an expectorant, and as a stimulant for the appetite, among many other things. However, certain compounds in goldenseal can also be toxic and cause several side effects, so it is not always a good idea to use it without medical supervision, or at least checking with your family doctor. This is particularly important if you are pregnant, suffer from hypertension, or are on medication for any other health problem.

However, if you are in otherwise good health and don't overuse goldenseal, it is unlikely that it will do you any harm. It is difficult to specify what a normal dose would be, as this depends on how you are using it — goldenseal is available in solid and liquid extracts, as a tea, as an ointment for topical application, and often in combination with other substances. A good guideline would therefore be to simply use it sparingly.

If you have a chronic stuffy nose, you might also want to find out the reason behind this, and whether the problem can be permanently solved, rather than just treating the symptom itself.

answered by G M

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