Ginseng | Panax Ginseng

Common Name: Perhaps one of the best known herbal medicinal exports of the Far East, the ginseng is not actually one species of plant In fact, the term ginseng refers to any one of a species of eleven plants that come under the Genus panax

Occurrence: The panax ginseng genus is a perennial plant that grows in the cooler climates of the countries of East Asia Another variety of ginseng, the Panax quinquefolius is mostly grown in the United States and Canada This variety of ginseng is popularly known as American Ginseng.

Parts Used: The word ginseng means "man root" in Chinese This is due to the ginseng root's fork shaped appearance that resembles the legs of a man The knowledge of this plant's medicinal properties has been known since ancient times as is evident from the name of the genus Panax, which is a Greek term for panacea.

Medicinal Uses Of Ginseng:

Ginseng is renowned all over the world for its health benefits. Some of the ginseng health benefits include:

  • Improved Immunity:Ginseng is a known adaptogen This means that the herb increases the body's immunity to stress Documented studies have shown that people who regularly consumed ginseng supplements were less susceptible to colds.
  • Improved Stamina:The adaptogenic properties of ginseng also ensure that you are more energetic Ginseng benefits the human body by increasing its mental and physical ability to cope with stress, thereby imparting vitality and increasing stamina.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: Studies have also shown that a regular intake of the ginseng extract can help to reduce erectile dysfunction Under test conditions, ginseng has been shown to have a 60% success rate in curing cases of erectile dysfunction.
  • Diabetes: Recent tests have also highlighted that this wonderful herb can help people with non-insulin dependent diabetes Panax ginseng tablets can help to improve fasting blood glucose and hemoglobin A1C levels.

Both Korean ginseng and American ginseng are widely available all over the world in the form of ginseng tablets, ginseng tonics, ginseng vitamins, and other ginseng supplements Ginseng tea is popular drink in many East Asian countries where it is mostly available in the form of green tea ginseng Another popular variety of ginseng is red ginseng, which is a processed form of Korean ginseng that is said to increase energy and improve sexual performance.

Precautions: Ginseng should be avoided by pregnant women or those who are nursing It is also not recommended for children It is a good idea to consult a health care professional before you decide to include ginseng supplements into your diet, especially if you suffer from any existing diseases.