Can diabetes cause pinworms in the human body?

Diabetes does not directly cause pinworms. It does however weaken the organs in the body and this makes you more vulnerable to various diseases and infections, including pinworms. It is important to manage your diabetes effectively. Insulin in different forms is used to treat diabetes and your doctor will prescribe the one that is appropriate for you. Make use of the following tips to control your diabetes.

  • Maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Consume healthy and balanced foods daily and avoid skipping your meals. Avoid snacking between meals.
  • Avoid overeating during meals.
  • Incorporate fiber in your diet. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber as well as other nutrients.
  • Avoid eating processed or junk foods. Also avoid sugary foods and deserts.
  • Follow a regular exercise program and avoid eating soon after exercising.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water daily.
  • Regulate your intake of foods according to your medications. Eating too little food may cause your blood sugar to drop too low. Eating too much food may cause blood sugar levels to rise too high. It is important to discuss with your doctor about how to coordinate your meals and medication.
  • Keep a food diary to keep a record of your eating habits.
  • If you smoke, quit the habit immediately as smoking can aggravate the condition and increase the risk of complications.
  • Diabetes can also increase the levels of glucose in the saliva and this increases the risk of tooth decay.

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Diabetes is not a "cause" for pinworms. However, diabetes can weaken a variety of organ systems in the body and make people more susceptible to a variety of different conditions.

Dr. Karen Benton, Naturopathic Physician

answered by Dr K B N

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