April 4, 2008

Stillbirth Causes – Improper Nutrition, Genetic Factors or Diseases in Mother

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Generally when a women becomes pregnant she, her husband, relatives hope for a healthy and a normal baby. Nevertheless, sometimes this does not happen. In some cases, the baby dies during the pregnancy, labor or during any stage before delivery. Such cases are called stillbirth as the baby is still or quiet during birth.

Stillbirths can occur due to a number of reasons. It may happen due to improper nutrition, genetic factors, diseases in the mother etc. they can also occur due to the external factors as smoking, drinking, or external infections, etc.

Stillbirth is quite a common occurrence in the world. It can be detected during early stages. Generally, a decrease in the activity of the fetus can be considered as an indication of stillbirth. If any decrease in activity is observed, then a medical examination is generally advised by the doctor.

If stillbirth occurs in a women then keeping dead fetus in the uterus until delivery will not cause any problems. Therefore, she can wait until the normal labor and delivery occurs. Most of the methods would prefer this because of emotional attachment with the fetus.

The couple and especially the mother to whom stillbirth has occurred face a great mental and emotional setback. If this happens to a women she should be well looked after by her husband, relatives, and friends.