April 4, 2008

Sterilization (Vasectomy) – Permanent Birth Control Method for Men

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Sterilization (vasectomy) is a technique of controlling birth and is applied on men. This is a permanent method because once sterilization (vasectomy) is done there are no chances of impregnating your wife. So before deciding to go for it have serious discussion with your partner and never go for it unless and until you have taken into consideration all the pros and cons.

Vasa deferentia is a tube which carries male sperms during sterilization (vasectomy) this tube is cut through surgery. Once the tube is cut there are no chances of the sperm mixing up with the semen and hence the sperm cannot fertilize the egg anymore. But the semen may remain in the tube for sometime and it requires about ten to thirty ejaculation to completely remove the semen from the tube. So during these periods you can go for other preventive techniques like use of condoms.

After sterilization (vasectomy) there is no reduction in the sexual excitement it provides permanent birth control and the procedure is less complicated. The surgery takes place for just 15 minutes and is performed in the clinic. There might be slight inflammation and pain initially. Application of ice and pain killers should be taken. It is better to remain at home for 2 to 3 days and do not lift any heavy weight. But if the pain does not reduces even after 2-3 days then consult the doctor. The method does not provide any protection against the sexually transmitted disease.

The technique is one of the best ways to prevent unwanted birth of the child. But before going for it think about the future if you are sure that you do not want to have any child in the future then got for it otherwise it is always better to wait.