June 25, 2008

Muscle diseases – Causes & Risk Factors

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

Muscles are the parts of body, which play a most important part in doing the various movements. They also have a role in providing shape and form to the body. In the same way as disease occur to the other parts of the body they can muscles too can suffer from them.

There are several kinds of diseases like the ones arising due to infection, or physical damage, or deficiency of essential nutrients, etc. thus everybody is prone to them. Some of the common muscular diseases are muscular cramps, muscle aches, muscular dystrophy, strains, etc. These are only among some of the diseases, which are very common, and almost everybody suffers from them at once in their life.

There are various causes and risk factors, which can lead to muscle diseases. The most common cause of muscle diseases is genetics. There are many types of fatal muscle diseases as chronic fatigue syndrome, etc, which are caused due to genetic mutations. Nothing can be done to prevent such diseases however if such people remain careful and conscious they can avoid some of the harmful effects of these muscle diseases.

The physical damages can occur due to direct physical impact on them, or due to over or wrong stretching of some muscles. The physical impacts during accidents, etc, injure the muscles. Most of the times they are healed however when the injury is too serious this may not happen. The injury is not healed and instead it may progress to a chronic one. Therefore, such physical impacts should be avoided.

While over or wrong stretching of muscles also is one of the common reasons for muscle injuries. Today there are many such occurrences during doing exercises. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful during exercises.

Infections affect the muscles as well and therefore they too can give rise to muscle diseases. The infections can occur through several methods. The infections from the other parts of the body or there are some infections which affect the muscles themselves. Often injuries and incisions on muscles cause infections and lead to the muscle diseases.

Most of the muscle diseases can be avoided if people take good care of muscles. Good nutrition and regular exercise both are the ideal things that every body should do for keeping the muscle diseases away. In addition, the muscles should not be exposed to over pressure, stress, or strain. Following these things is very easy and moreover preventing the muscle diseases is always much better than cure.