September 11, 2009

How To Heal An Abrasion On Knee?

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

It is essential to get acquainted with the home remedies for knee abrasions as it is an effective method to cure the condition. If you have proper knowledge about the home remedies then you can start the process of healing immediately after the occurrence of an accident which has led to a knee abrasion. Although a knee abrasion cannot be accounted as a grave injury, if you do not provide yourself with adequate treatment then an infection may develop as bacteria can permeate into the portion which is wounded. So a knee abrasion should not be ignored and proper treatment and attention should be given to it.

The occurrence of a knee abrasion is more prominent among children as they have the propensity to get hurt while they are playing. The tell tale signs of knee abrasion are bleeding, swelling, or pain in the affected area. Cleansing the area of the knee abrasion with a mild soap forms the first step in treating this condition. Lavender oil can also be used as a cleansing agent instead of the usual mild soap. After the completion of the cleansing process, a small amount of cayenne pepper can be applied on the knee abrasion so that the bleeding comes to a halt. If you have noticed any swelling, then the application of garlic oil can be of great help.

A knee abrasion is prone to infection as the wounded skin remains open. To stop the development of bacterial infection, honey can be applied because it has the qualities of an antiseptic. If honey is not available at your home you can use tea tree oil as a substitute. The application of substances like parsley leaves or turmeric aids in healing the condition.

When the bleeding or pain increases with time, it is an indication that the knee abrasion has succumbed to bacterial infection. The discharge of pus from the affected area is another sign of infection. During such a situation, the help of a health professional should be sought. If the cause of the knee abrasion was a due to a rusted substance then proper guidance from a doctor is required to prevent any complications.

If the ingredients which are required for home remedies are stored adequately then appropriate treatment can be provided for the knee abrasion. When the treatment is provided at the right moment, then the chances of contracting an infection are reduced by leaps and bounds.