September 10, 2009

How To Remove Abrasion Scars

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Any form of injury can cause abrasion scars on the skin. Hiding the abrasion scars under layers of clothing should not be the ultimate solution as a delicate organ like the skin needs proper treatment so that it can heal in time. After an abrasion, the appearance of a scar signifies the process of healing. Abrasion scars in a way are also a sign that your injuries have healed. The characteristics of an abrasion scar depend on the severity of the injury. Home remedies for curing abrasion scars can help you escape the agony caused by this condition.

Abrasion scars causes the adjacent tissues to darken in color. A juice derived from Aloe Vera can be used to heal the scars as this plant has tremendous capacity to erase the marks of the scars because it contains a bleaching element. Another way to get rid of the abrasion scars is to decrease the deepness of the scars so that it can be brought to the level of the normal skin. This can be achieved by applying cucumber paste on the scars as it can eradicate the presence of puffy skin and make the scars go away.

The formation of abrasion scars is often accompanied by the swelling of the tissue which is underneath the scar. Ice cubes can be applied on the scars to decrease the swelling of the tissues and the temperature of the ice cubes helps in decreasing the visibility of the abrasion scars.

Honey is a popular ingredient for many home remedies because it possesses healing properties. The application of honey on the area of the scar helps the skin to remain clean and the antiseptic value of the honey makes the scars pale in color. Honey is especially recommended for people who have sensitive skin as this ingredient is not harsh and does not cause any allergic reaction.

If tea tree oil is applied regularly on the affected area then the abrasion scars can be lessened. To fade abrasion scar, olive oil should be massaged on the region of the scar.

Foods like spinach, broccoli, peanuts, and kiwi, which are sources of vitamin E, must be included in your diet because it will help you to erase the scars quickly. The application of garlic facilitates in clearing the marks which are formed due to the abrasion scars. A healthy diet combined with an adequate amount of sleep and water can help the body to heal at a faster rate and as a result abrasion scars can disappear without taking much time.