September 11, 2009

Stages Of Alzheimer’s Disease

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The development of Alzheimer’s disease takes place very slowly, and gradually it inhibits the proper functioning of the brain. This disease can be compartmentalized into mild, moderate, and severe stages. During the mild phase of Alzheimer’s condition, people tend to suffer from lack of concentration and cannot complete the tasks assigned to them. Forgetting names of people is a common scenario during this tenure.

Aluminum based food products such as cookies, baking powder, and pickles should be avoided at this stage. Cayenne pepper can enhance the waning memory as it increases the flow of blood to the brain.

Foods which are rich in vitamin E resources must be consumed regularly to curb the degenerative effect of the disease. When a person starts to forget names, he should carry a notebook with him, so that he can write the names and then call the people by their name. This exercise is considered as one of the best home remedies for Alzheimer.

The moderate stage of Alzheimer’s disease causes deterioration in the organizing skills of the patient. It becomes extremely difficult to follow any set of instructions. Identification of family members cannot be done properly during this phase. Patients often tend to get confused about the type of relationship that he shares with the other person.

Adequate amount of sleep is required by the patient so that the levels of hormones in the body can be stabilized, which will help to strengthen the memory. Patients find it hard to communicate their feelings and they become paranoid by presuming that everybody wants to harm them. Bouts of depressions are a common phenomenon during this stage.

The consumption of sage tea can help people suffering from alzheimer’s to ward of depression. The diet given to them at this stage should contain very less salt, as too much of salt can cause hypertension, which will further agitate their condition. Regular physical exercise is also an important part of home remedies for Alzheimer.

The severe stage of the Alzheimer’s disease is very crucial for both the affected person and his (or her) family. In this phase, the patient needs to be supported to perform basic activities like walking, sitting, and eating. Most of the time, patients refuse to have their meals. This problem can be curbed by the consumption of ginger as it increases appetite and induces thirst. Chewing and swallowing becomes a problem at this stage, so foods that do not need much chewing and can be easily swallowed should be administered.