Will a cartilage tear in the knee heal without surgery?

A tear in the cartilage, or the meniscus, can be a really painful and distressing condition. The meniscus was often considered a vestigial part of the body, but in the recent times, it has been found that it is a crucial part of the anatomy and is required to make motion easier and more comfortable. Since almost all joints in the body bear a lot of load, it is important to ensure that the normal functioning is restored by allowing the cartilage to heal. These cartilages also help absorb shocks and stabilize the joint. Most injuries are caused when there is a twisting of the joint. You may also experience a catch in the joint or feel a locking and popping of the joint, before experiencing a torn cartilage.

Here’s what you can do:
  • Rest the injured joint in your body so that it can heal itself. If you continue to use the injured joint, the tear may only get worse, causing you a lot of pain. Eventually, you may not be able to move around much.
  • If the tear is only slight, it may heal on its own with the help of a good diet and lots of rest. Once the tear has healed, you may need some rigorous physiotherapy to get back on your feet. Once you are healed, take it slow and avoid using the joint too much.
  • A surgery may be required to treat the meniscus properly. If the damage to the meniscus is severe, you may need a surgery to remove the soft tissue completely. In most cases, a complete menisectomy is performed. However, in the recent years, surgeons have perfected partial menisectomy, which is not only simpler, but also allows you to regain full use of your joint.
  • If you have had a surgery on your joint, for reconstruction or removal of damaged cartilage, you may need some post-operative rehabilitation.

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