Should I cover up an open abrasion on my leg ? Kindly Advice.

Abrasions occur when we suffer some small accidents. Most small children have abrasions on their knees and elbows since they are constantly falling. Although the abrasions only affect the skin, they are painful. The first thing that you should do when you have an abrasion is to keep it clean. You can wash it gently, using warm water. You can either let the water run over it or else use a cotton swab, soak it in water and clean the area. After you have cleaned it using warm water you should ensure that you don't get infected by using some antiseptic to wash the area. Let it dry. After the skin is dry, you can use some antiseptic cream on the abrasion. You can cover the abrasion with a clean piece of cotton and a dressing to hold this in place. If you do cover the abrasion, then you should take care to keep the dressing clean and dry. Change the dressing at least once a day. If you get it wet then you can change it more often than once a day.

Some people however, believe that abrasions should not be covered. The belief is that the skin should be allowed to heal by itself and that it does not require any kind of dressing. You can seek advice from your medical practitioner. However, if you are unwilling to do this, you can try some simple home remedies.

You can use Aloe Vera gel on the area that has the abrasion. The gel soothes the affected area and will speed up the healing process. You can also use lavender oil on the affected area since this oil is known to help soothe abrasions. You can make a simple home made ointment to use on the abrasion. You will need calendula, comfrey and tea tree oil. Mix the three together and store. You can use this on the abrasions.

You can use turmeric if you want to speed up the process of healing on the abrasion. Mix a pinch of turmeric powder with a drop of water. Mix well and then apply on the abrasion. Don't use any dressing on this. The turmeric powder will help the wound heal.

Clove oil is also very effective as a disinfectant and helps prevent any infection. You can also cinnamon powder, mixed with some drops of water on the abrasion. This may cause an initial feeling of burning but this soon subsides and your wound begins to heal.

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