January 19, 2010

Nutrition for Healthy Hair – Healthy Diet for Hair – Nutrition Healthy Diet

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In order to have healthy hair, it is important not only to provide good nutrition to yourself, but it is also equally important that you provide the same to your hair. You would have to adopt a two fold approach for this. In order to keep good hair growth and keep your roots strong, you should improve your diet. Add lots of vitamin A to your diet for best results. This will improve your nails and skin as well. The best sources of vitamin A are all fruits and vegetables that are yellow and orange in color. You should be eating healthy food, low in fat and rich in nutrient value. Lots of salads will add to the sheen of your mane. Eat more of beetroot and celery, as both are considered to be excellent for your hair. Add also pulses and legumes for improved hair strength. In order to concentrate on the thickness and quality of your hair strands, you should also adopt a routine of hair nourishment from the outside. Make it a habit to keep your hair healthy and clean at all times. If it is straggly and weak in appearance right now, cut it short. This is always an instant lift for your hair.

On a bi- weekly basis, apply hair oil to your hair. If possible, try to use flaxseed oil for this purpose. If not, you can choose from almond, olive or coconut. Any of these are good, though flaxseed oil is always the best option. If possible, add flaxseed meal and oil to your diet as well. This will give your hair a health and vitality you may never have seen before. You should also apply hot water fomentation to your hair. After applying the oil, wrap hot towels around your head till they cool off. Do this about five to seven times before you wash your hair. This will help by improving the penetration of oil deep into hair roots and strengthening the hair roots as well. For hair that is rough and dry, you should also additionally condition it well. This would include applying a hair pack about once a month. Henna powder mixed with fresh and unflavored yogurt is the best thing to apply to your hair strands to strengthen them. Cover your hair well with this paste and let it be for a good three hours before washing. This will help to soften your hair beautifully.